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Commercial Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Company Profile

Name: Precise Projects trading as All Care Asbestos Removal

ABN: 13 085 040 482

Business Class: Private Company

Established in: 2009

Locations Established: Melbourne, VIC Kalgoorlie, WA

Head Office Location: Carrum Downs, VIC

Asbestos Removal Class: B Class (Non-friable materials)

Insured by: TIC Insurance Brokers

Worksafe WA: Worksafe VIC


Licenced by: WARA Licence No. 121

Commercial Asbestos

If you are planning to demolish or renovate your commercial or industrial property that contains asbestos, it is important to have the asbestos removed efficiently and safely while complying with the Government regulations.

Aside from helping you with the regulations, a professional job helps keep your employees safe.

Asbestos could be in the walls, bathrooms, roof or even the electrical switch box of your office premises. So before you begin any renovation work, be sure to call All Care Asbestos. We will carry out an extensive inspection to ensure you don’t have to go through any expensive hold-up.

We are a class B licensed company specialising in the removal and disposal of non-friable asbestos. With over 20 years of experience in commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne, we assure you of professional and reliable service.

We provide the complete solution from inspection and testing through to removal and disposal of asbestos. We are happy to offer sound advice to help remove asbestos from your site. We can take care of everything from initial inspection and site survey to clearance certifications once the asbestos has been removed.

We have built a reputation for professionally removing asbestos from commercial premises across Melbourne.

Over 10 years

& Insured

Fully trained

Safe Asbestos

Our Commercial Asbestos Removal Services

* We supply our own skips/bins and trucks.

* Warehouse and industrial factory clean ups and decontamination.

* Contaminated soil remediation or removal

* Asbestos sheeting

* Asbestos containing vinyl tiles

* Asbestos rope, mastic and gaskets

* Asbestos containing electrical fuses, switchboards and spark arresters

* Asbestos boilers as well as pipe lagging

* Asbestos cement pipes, conduits and pits

* Asbestos sprayed acoustic materials

* Experience in working in schools, universities and hospitals

* Demolition work

* Commercial refurbishment

* Emergency asbestos removal

* Small and large scale renovations

Say No to DIY Asbestos Removal

If you are thinking of removing the asbestos yourself, think again.

Sure, it is legal to remove less than 10 square meters of asbestos or asbestos containing material yourself. However, just because it is legal does not make it safe.

Leave this hazardous task to our asbestos removal specialist. They will wear protective equipment and use professional equipment to provide safe and secure removal of asbestos from your premises.

We don’t just remove asbestos, but we will safely dispose of it at an accredited asbestos waste facility. What’s more, we will provide a clearance certificate that confirms that the site is free of asbestos and is ready for renovation or construction.

Experienced Asbestos Removal Team

Our removalists are highly experienced and assure you of the highest standards. No matter the location, type or size of the project, we have you covered. Fully licensed and accredited, our team has removed asbestos from commercial premises, industrial premises, government institutions, builders and more. Our experience allows us to provide a solution that meets your requirements.


Asbestos removal is a task that is fraught with risk and danger. Be smart and choose a professional company that knows what it's doing. Contact us today for a free quote.

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