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Asbestos Roof Removal

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Name: Precise Projects trading as All Care Asbestos Removal

ABN: 13 085 040 482

Business Class: Private Company

Established in: 2009

Locations Established: Melbourne, VIC Kalgoorlie, WA

Head Office Location: Carrum Downs, VIC

Asbestos Removal Class: B Class (Non-friable materials)

Insured by: TIC Insurance Brokers

Worksafe WA: Worksafe VIC


Licenced by: WARA Licence No. 121

Melbourne Asbestos Roof Removal

Decades ago, asbestos was commonly used as an insulation material for residential and commercial properties. Known for its low cost and fireproof properties, asbestos was commonly found inside walls and ceiling tiles. Once the health risks associated with asbestos exposure were revealed, the material was phased out and became obsolete.

However, few older properties may still contain asbestos in the ceiling tiles. Fortunately, the experts at All Care Asbestos Removal are fully trained and qualified to provide professional asbestos roof removal. You can rely on us to uncover every trace of asbestos and remove the substance from your property safely, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Over 10 years

& Insured

Fully trained

Safe Asbestos

Comprehensive Inspections and Testing

Prior to asbestos roof removal, the specialists at All Care Asbestos Removal conduct comprehensive inspections and sample collection. We examine every nook and corner that might contain this hazardous substance. Then we collect samples and test them to determine the risk they pose to people living or working inside the building.

We highly disapprove any unqualified or under-trained person to take any samples or attempt asbestos removal. There is a high chance that dangerous asbestos fibers can spread throughout the building and cause contamination. The process requires specific procedures and appropriate equipment, all of which the team at All Care Asbestos Removal has access to.

After the samples have been collected and tested, we can formulate strategies that safely and efficiently remove asbestos from your roof. Whether your roof contains White Chrysotile, Brown Amosite or Blue Crocidolite, you can rely on our NATA accredited asbestos inspector and removalist to provide the assistance you need.


If you believe that your home or business contains asbestos, it’s highly recommended that you consult an asbestos removal expert at All Care Asbestos Removal. Contact us today to learn more about our asbestos roof removal process.

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