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Asbestos Renovation

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Name: Precise Projects trading as All Care Asbestos Removal

ABN: 13 085 040 482

Business Class: Private Company

Established in: 2009

Locations Established: Melbourne, VIC Kalgoorlie, WA

Head Office Location: Carrum Downs, VIC

Asbestos Removal Class: B Class (Non-friable materials)

Insured by: TIC Insurance Brokers

Worksafe WA: Worksafe VIC


Licenced by: WARA Licence No. 121

Asbestos Removal for Your Renovation Project

All Care Asbestos specialises in asbestos testing and removal during a renovation. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, be sure to contact us before you begin your bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or complete home renovation project.

Asbestos inspection and audit allows you to commence your renovation or extension project without worrying about asbestos. Moreover, if you are looking to let out or sell your property, having a safe environment can work to your advantage.

At All Care Asbestos, asbestos inspection is an important part of our service. Visual inspection and sample collection from our professional team ensures complete peace of mind for your home.

When you get in touch with us either via email or over the phone, we will provide complete information about what asbestos inspection entails and the relevant dates for discussing the results. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions as well.

Asbestos Inspection Specialists for Renovation Projects

If your home was built before 1990, it’s possible that it was built using some form of asbestos material. Asbestos inspection can help identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your home so you can renovate with confidence and without any worry.

The best asbestos management and removal plan is based on information. We rely on latest technology such as scope cameras and thermal imaging to detect potential asbestos threats, which can make the entire process thorough and extremely reliable.

Our asbestos inspection specialists will examine walls, ceilings and floors in a professional manner and obtain various samples, which will be sent to a laboratory for scientific analysis.

Over 10 years

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Safe Asbestos

Types of Asbestos Inspections

Type 1 – Also known as presumptive asbestos inspection, it involves identifying the suspicious materials without taking samples. A type 1 inspection assumes that the material contains asbestos. This is an extremely cost-effective way to test for the presence of asbestos for your home renovation project.

Type 2 – Asbestos Sampling is an inspection method where a representative sample of the target material is collected for testing. Asbestos testing during inspection is cost-effective as expensive procedures or special precautions are not necessary if asbestos isn’t detected.

Type 3 – During a demolition asbestos inspection, we identify the exact location of asbestos in the area that is being demolished. These inspections help comply with the hazardous materials auditing procedures of the AS 2601. This process involves the inspection of wall cavities along with other areas that are not accessible when the building was occupied.

Contact Us for Professional Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Once we’ve identified the presence of asbestos, we will professionally remove it and dispose of asbestos in an eco-friendly manner.

Our asbestos removal specialists have many years of experience in every aspect of the job and assure you of a safe procedure and reliable results.

When you are looking for reliable, accredited and affordable asbestos testing and removal, look no further than All Care Asbestos.


Asbestos removal is a task that is fraught with risk and danger. Be smart and choose a professional company that knows what it's doing. Contact us today for a free quote.

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